Text music note symbol character

Music note symbol character

Type text music symbol note character from a keyboard using alt code or put it in html. How to write a music letter - note symbol on keyboard? Use alt codes to input music character on myspace or facebook. Type music note symbol by alt code. View music symbol note alt code and html entity code.
In music, the term note has two primary meanings:
* a symbol sign used in musical notation to represent the relative duration and pitch of a sound; you can input a text symbol sign of such music note character in your computer using your keyboard only!
* a pitched sound itself. Well, that's a bit more complicated =)
Notes are the 'atoms' of much Western music: discretizations of musical phenomena that facilitate performance, comprehension, and analysis.
So how to type text music note symbol sign from keyboard or to put them in html page? Let's find out!

Music note symbol character sign

Make music note symbol character

  • Enable NUM LOCK.
  • Hold ALT key and press (while holding) next buttons on the NumPad (numbers on right side of keyboard) of your keyboard: 1 then 3.
  • Release Alt key.

You have inputted ♪ using only your keyboard!
13 is called alt code of ♪ symbol.
Of course, you can just copy-paste the symbol, if you don't want to remember all those codes =)


If it doesn't work when you try to input ♪ holding right Alt key - try left Alt key.
Read how to type alt codes to get a complete information on symbol typing.

Alt symbol codes and html entity code

Alt code 13
html code ♪
Alt code 14
html code ♫

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