German Symbols

Stuff language-related like German umlaut symbols. German symbols - accent keyboard codes under Windows. German characters, letters like umlauts alt codes list. List of symbols available on German keyboard only. Full and easy German character typing reference.

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German symbols & alt codes

ä 0228
å 0229
æ 0230
ö 0246
ø 0248
ð 0240
ë 0235
ß 0223
Þ 0222
ü 0252
ÿ 0255
Ä 0196
Å 0197
Æ; 0198
Ö 0214
Ø 0216
Ð 0208
Ë 0203
- -
þ 0254
Ü 0220
Ÿ 0159

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What's here? German umlauts and symbols. German characters: umlaut and letters alike. How to input german symbols reference covering German letters and punctuation. Typing Accented german letters using keyboard codes.


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